What We Offer

Our Offer is to Provide Practical Personal Experiences.


We are Offering:

‘Find Your Future’ Workshops lasting approximately one / two hours with members of different backgrounds, careers, and personal pathways leading to their current role running a group session.

'A Day With’ is a work shadowing or work placement activity which will provide an insight linked to a member, company or organisation where a young woman will gain additional knowledge and understanding in a positive real life environment.


Additional Personal Development Opportunities

These would vary depending upon their initial individual experience following on from either the workshop or the “Day With”  including:

  • Working with partners to offer mentoring or coaching sessions
  • Providing a range of workshops on particular themes for example “How to be more successful with applications” 


Followed up with encouragement to take the opportunity to build on their experiences to include:

  • Take part in one of the Find Your Future workshops.
  • To share their experience with other young women.
  • Encourage them to blog and share online.