Principles and Aims

We have developed the following principles and aims to provide a framework for our network.  


Find your Future:

  • Is not a business but will be business like.
  • Is not asking for a fee but is a membership organisation.
  • Is not anti-men and will be actively seeking their support as managers and leaders.
  • Is seeking to work collaborately with other groups with similar aims and ambitions
  • Is not an exclusive club with a rigid framework but seeks to be inclusive and open to new ideas. 

We aim to use:

  • Use our individual and collective personal and professional knowledge and expertise to offer multiple supportive experiences to the next generation of potential women leaders. 
  • Increase awareness of the significant contribution that women already make to the social and economic success of the region
  • Raise the profile of the many women who currently make an enormous difference to a wide range of organisations and companies across the public, private and voluntary sector. 
  • Provide opportunities to extend our own personal and professional development through learning from each other by sharing our experiences and ideas.