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A Network for Executive Women

We are a group of business women who are passionate about the region and having had the opportunity to establish successful careers and or businesses in the region want to inspire and help other young girls and women to do the same.

Find Your Future is a network of Executive Women who set out to provide a range of practical and positive opportunities and experiences. Our aim is to inspire the region’s girls and young women to become the next generation of female entrepreneurs, business executives and academics.

The group, founded and led by Jacqui Henderson CBE, engages with local schools, colleges, youth groups and individuals to provide insider knowledge about specific career pathways, business sectors and industry expertise. We deliver this via organised classroom talks, discussions, group workshops, work experience days and mentor programmes.

Our members give their valuable time free of charge and draw on their own personal knowledge, skills and experience to offer insight and guidance to young women to help them to find and achieve their own career ambitions.